Businesses across the globe interact with one another using this global business language. The internet produces most of its content in this language. At meetings, conferences and conventions worldwide, this common language is used to deliver key messages and top-level strategies. In the world of trade and commerce, the language that connects us all together is English.

In Malaysia, our multi-cultured workforce speaks many different languages. While most of us do speak English, the level of fluency is often low or average. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Malaysia came in at number 22 in their 2018 rankings. This is a drastic drop in our proficiency level as we ranked number 13 in 2017. In order to improve our communication skills in corporate Malaysia, we first need to improve our grasp of the English language. 

Is This Global Business Language Important For Your Business?

When running a business, effective communication is a huge component of success. It does not matter what country, culture & industry your business is from, communication is key. In order to conduct trade and commerce effectively across the globe, your business needs to speak this language well. The English proficiency level of a company is often overlooked. Yet, most of the time it is a major cause of miscommunication. As a result, miscommunication in business can sometimes end up being very costly!

From upper management to front-office staff, your workforce drives your communication. Here are some forms of communication that businesses experience daily. Have you wondered how proficient your workforce’s English is when faced with these situations?


1) Interacting with customers

2) Speaking with colleagues & suppliers

3) Writing business emails

4) Talking on the phone

5) Delivering presentations during meetings

6) Sharing opinions and ideas


How Effective Is Your Business At Communicating In English?

How effective is your workforce at communicating the vision, mission and strategy of your brand? Does your business interact effectively with suppliers, the public and your customers? Does your workforce speak in proficient or broken English? Are they confident when communicating in English? These are just some of the questions to ask when determining whether your business is able to communicate effectively on a global scale.

As English continues to rise as the language of choice throughout the business community, it is extremely important for brands to identify their current level of English proficiency. It is also vital for non-English speakers or low-fluency speakers to understand that without the right skills, they run the risk of being left behind in this fast-paced world. Fluent English communication skills are crucial to the success of both the company and the individual.

Daimler, Samsung, Nokia and Renault are some of the companies that believe in the importance of English in order to conduct global business. Does your company speak this global business language as well?


English Movement is an initiative to improve the level of English proficiency in corporate Malaysia. We offer businesses nationwide FREE access to our English learning portal. Find out more about our resources here.

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