How does English directly impact the results of your business? Firstly, this global language lays the foundation for strong and effective communication skills in a business environment. In order for employees to be successful in the art of closing sales and positive persuasion, there is no greater asset than a good grasp of the English language. If you are interested in international business expansion, then English will be your go-to language of transition. 

Below are 3 areas in a business that are directly impacted by English proficiency.

Driving Sales & Business Expansion

Expanding your business beyond the local market requires a workforce that can communicate effectively with international clients. Regardless of the nature of the business, English is often the common language used to facilitate a seamless transition.

The art of persuasion and closing sales is a highly valued skill, no matter the business or industry. Without sales, it is unlikely that a business can sustain itself, be it in a local or international market. The process of closing a sale requires clear and confident speaking and listening skills. This is where a good grasp of the language comes in handy.

Keeping up with the changing market and industry trends is an important factor in sales and expansion. Good command of the English language ensures your employees can participate in the latest international seminars, trade conventions and other industry events.

In order for sales and business expansion to be successful, we identify English proficiency to be an essential tool. Are your employees efficient at utilizing this tool to drive sales and expansion for your business?

Brand perception, value and customer satisfaction

A weak command of the English language can deeply affect customers perception of your brand. Proficiency is a must, especially when communicating with customers across borders. Improving the quality of your communication is critical to winning the hearts of your customers, both local and international.

Employees that speak fluent English are able to provide customized support and resolve customer issues efficiently. The ability to understand and quickly remove pain points faced by the customer directly impacts customer satisfaction. As a result, customers find value in returning and continuing to do business with you.

Your brand’s effectiveness, value and reputation are strongly reliant on interactions with the customer. How proficient are your employees when communicating on behalf of your business?

Internal & External Business Communication In English

Brands using English experience improvements in delivery and execution of communication between employees and strategic partners.

With the rise of the internet, a multitude of apps, software and gadgets have allowed businesses to run projects involving teams or businesses in different countries. Strong English proficiency is key to preventing miscommunication across borders. Furthermore, a simple misunderstanding can often be costly in the business world!

Your employees don’t just communicate with customers. Communication on behalf of your business also takes place with suppliers, manufacturers and stakeholders. These conversations are crucial to the running processes of your business and should not be overlooked. Being able to deliver strategic ideas and messaging accurately is equally as important as the actual product you are selling. How proficient are your employees at communicating and executing the vision and mission of your business?


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